Wabash Presses for Every Application

Wabash MPI manufactures a complete line of hydraulic and electric presses for every need. They’re manufactured in Wabash, IN, sold and serviced locally throughout the country and throughout the world.



Genesis Series Hydraulic Presses

5 to 150 ton models for compression molding, super plastic molding, bonding and laminating. Genesis presses provide versatility and performance with economy.

Vantage Series Hydraulic Presses

200 to 1000 ton capacity for a wide variety of manufacturing functions including compression molding, bonding and laminating.

C-Frame Open Clamp Presses

15 to 150 ton capacity Genesis or Vantage models permit long workpieces to extend on both sides of the clamp. They are used for molding and encapsulating cables, connectors and other components.

Vacuum Molding and Laminating Presses

30 to 400 ton capacity, presses for evacuation of air and volatiles during processing. Larger custom sizes are available.

Pneumatic Compression Molding Presses

Pneumatic presses available in a clamping force of up to 30 tons. Suited for both production and lab environments. Clean and quiet operation, improved energy-efficiencies and greater precision/reliability over hydraulic presses. Temperature controls plus manual or proportional controls available.

Rubber ASTM Test Sample Molding Presses

Genesis model G30H-ASTM is designed to produce polyethylene test samples in accordance with ASTM D4703, Procedure C.

Plastic ASTM Test Sample Molding Presses

Genesis model G50H-19 is designed to vulcanize rubber sheets for material property testing in accordance with ASTM D3182.

Down Acting Presses

For applications requiring a fixed work height or for longer stroke clamp cylinders without the use of a pit.

Transfer Molding Presses

For molding and encapsulating rubber or plastic parts, 30 to 450 ton capacity.

Carver Laboratory Presses

12 to 100 ton capacity, for every application, with an extensive line of accessories.

Carver Auto Series Plus Presses

Automatic electrically powered benchtop presses for the laboratory or R & D facility, 15 to 48 ton capacity.

Liquid Injection Molding Machine

Ideal for short run applications, easy changeover & cleanout.