ASTM Presses


Specially configured to perform compression molding of test plaque, bar specimens, polyethylene and other thermoplastic resins.


Specifically designed to vulcanize rubber sheets, provide samples for quality control, research development & material comparison.



Plastic ASTM Presses with Chase Frame Kits

ASTM Presses for plastics and other materials

Wabash presses are specially configured to perform the compression molding of test plaque or bar specimens of Type 1-5 polyethylene. The procedure is in conformance with ASTM Method D 4703, Procedure C. The presses are equipped with heating/cooling platens and a programmable digital controller which has a heating/cooling loop for each platen and built-in program for the required 15°/minute +/-2°C cooling rate.

ASTM Plastic Standard Features:

  • Clamp force 1500 lbs. to 30 tons
  • Single or dual daylight openings (6” each)
  • Heated and cooled platens (500 deg F. Maximum)
  • Platen size: 12″ x 12″
  • Programmable controller with HMI and ramping TCU’s with remote setpoint capability
  • Cycle counter thru PLC
  • Automatic low pressure system
  • Automatic transition from closing to pressing speed
  • Closing speed 70 IPM (approx.)
  • Pressing speed 5 IPM
  • OSHA approved operating system
  • Pressure relief valve with analog pressure gauge
  • Integral hydraulic system with high-efficiency TEFC motor, reservoir & water-cooled heat exchanger
  • Clamp area guards with keyed interlock
  • Electrical supply: 460/3/60 (other voltages available)

Hydraulic Options:

  • WaterSaver valve for heat exchanger

Mechanical Options:

  • Work table
  • Power operated safety gate (in lieu of standard manual gate)
  • Multiple daylights

Electrical Options:

  • Cycle counter (with keyed reset)
  • Chart recorder Light curtains
  • Light curtains
  • Audible or visual alarms
  • Clamp area lighting
  • 220, 380 or 575 volt operation
  • UL, CUL or CSA configurations available
ASTM Chase Frame Kits
Catalog Number
Description Teflon Coated Stainless Steel Brass 100 Mylar Sheets
4″ x 4″ Chase 4079 4080 4081 4161
6″ x 6″ Chase 4082 4083 4084 4162
8″ x 8″ Chase 4085 4086 4087 4163

Hydraulic Compression Presses for ASTM Testing

Wabash MPI hydraulic compression press for ASTM testing

Genesis Hydraulic Compression Press for Rubber Testing in Accordance with ASTM D3182

The Genesis Series Hydraulic Compression Press, Model G50H-19 ASTM is specially designed to vulcanize rubber sheets to provide samples for quality control, research and development and material comparison to prepare sheets for material property testing in accordance with ASTM D3182.

  • Bump, breathe, degas
  • Temperatures up to 500°F

Features of the Rubber ASTM Presses:

  • Specially designed platens for improved temperature uniformity (only on 2.5)
  • 19″ x 19″ platens accept all standard sample mold sizes
  • Adjustable clamp force: 8 to 50 tons
  • Self contained hydraulic unit
  • Allen Bradley PLC with operator interface
  • 1/16 DIN digital temperature controllers
  • Fully guarded clamp area with interlocked operator gate
  • Optional contact gauge for quiet operation
  • Optional low pressure system for operation from 2 to 50 tons
  • Automatic bump