Federal India Trading Company

Federal India Trading Company – FITCO, was established in 1944 by late Mr. Kalyanbhai B.Javeri, as suppliers of Testing Instruments for Textile Industry. Over the years Federal India Trading Company has worked as sole agent in India for various reputed manufacturers from USA, UK and Europe.

Federal India Trading Company offers testing e…

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Wabash MPI

The company began by specializing in hand operated laboratory presses, but today has evolved into a major domestic US manufacturer of many types of composite and hydraulic lab presses for rubber and plastics production as well as research. Included are vertical elastomer and vacuum molding machines for compression, transfer molding, laminating, die cutting and trimming. Click on any of the product group buttons to learn more about each type of WABASH equipment.

ASTM Plastic

ASTM presses for plastics and other materials.

Wabash presses are specially configured to perform the compression molding of test plaque or bar specimens of Type 1-5 polyethylene. The procedure is in conformance with ASTM Method D 4703, Procedure C. The presses are equipped with heating/cooling platens and a programmable digital controller which has a heating/cooling loop for each platen and built-in program for the required 15°/minute +/-2°C cooling rate.

— Chillers for closed loop cooling control are available as an option.

ASTM Rubber

Genesis Hydraulic Compression Press for Rubber Testing in Accordance with ASTM D3182.

The Genesis Series Hydraulic Compression Press, Model G50H-19 ASTM is specially designed to vulcanize rubber sheets to provide samples for quality control, research and development and material comparison to prepare sheets for material property testing in accordance with ASTM D3182.

Bump, breathe, degas Temperatures up to 500°F

Features of the Rubber ASTM Presses:

Specially designed platens for improved temperature uniformity (only on 2.5) 19″ x 19″ platens accept all standard sa…


Genesis Series Hydraulic Presses from Compression Molding of Rubber, Plastics, Composites and Laminating: In 15 to 150 Ton Capacities

Genesis Series presses are state-of-the-art hydraulic presses for compression molding of rubber, plastics and composites; also for laminating. The Genesis Series reflects more than a half century of WABASH leadership in hydraulic press design and construction. It is rugged enough for a round-the-clock performance on the production floor, but works equally well as a precision laboratory press.

Genesis hydraulic lab presses are available in 15 through 150 ton capacities. The hydraulic system produces

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