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Federal India Trading Company – FITCO, was established in 1944 by late Mr. Kalyanbhai B.Javeri, as suppliers of Testing Instruments for Textile Industry. Over the years Federal India Trading Company has worked as sole agent in India for various reputed manufacturers from USA, UK and Europe.

Federal India Trading Company offers testing e…

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PRECITEC offers innovations in three areas of expertise: laser cutting, laser welding, and measuring technology. Within these areas, we maintain technology leadership by focusing on research and development. We have strong industry experience and are ready for action worldwide:

Optical Probes

Optical Probes for thickness and distance measurements

The measurement range of the chromatic optical probes reaches frome a few hundreds of microns up to millimeters allowing you the perfect tune to your applications

High numerical aperture and small spot diameter are ideal for the most uses in metrology.

The interferometric optical probes show off …

CHRocodile M10

Optical Sensor: Distance and thickness measurement with 10 channels

The optical sensor CHRocodile M10 offers up to 10 independent measuring chanels. They can be used to measure the distance to any surface as well as the thickness of transparent materials.

With the CHRocodile M10 the thickness of non transparent materials like metal bands and paper can be measured quickly and efficiently.

The outstanding properties of the PRECITEC sensors, the quality and simple setup and ease of production process integration remain the same. The CHRocodile M10 can also be used in the laboratory and for offline applications.

CHRocodile MI5

5 Channel Optical Sensor: Contactless measurement of wafers and solar cells

The new CHRocodile MI5 is the modular 5 channel version of the already well established CHRocodile IT sensor. It performs high-precision, non-contact distance and layer thickness measurements on wafers and solar cells at up to 5 different locations. With one measuring head per channel, it is capable of measuring up to 1 mm thick silicon from one side. Measurements can also be taken on other common infrared transparent materials, such as GaAs.

The basis for this nondestructive measuring method is an interferometric sensor which examines the substrate with infrared light. The CHRocodile MI5 is designed for simple and direct integration into the production process. One p…

CHRocodile LR

Very high lateral resolution to measure intricate structures. Optimized for inline measurement of thick foils.

CHRocodile S

ptical Sensor for Non-contact distance thickness measurement

The new sensor CHRocodile S, with its modern design, represents the latest generation of optical distance and thickness measuring devices. It is applicable for highly accurate distance and topography measurements as well for measuring optically transparent materials (glass, films, varnish etc.). Its low price now enables customers of all budgets to benefit from the numerous advantages of the CHRocodile sensors.

The sensor can be used like a table top unit but it is also easy to integrate into production facilities and machines. All measuring data are available for further processing on its multitudinous interfaces (USB, RS232/422, analog). The synchronization can be done by using trigger and encoder si…

CHRocodile IT

The new CHRocodile IT measuring system registers the silicon thickness with just one sensor

The new CHRocodile IT from Precitec Optronik now offers very simple and at the same time highly accurate layer thickness measurement for wafers and chips. It is capable of contact-free silicon scanning with just one measuring point and can measure a wafer precisely to a thickness of 1 mm.

The background to this new, non-destructive measuring process is a sensor that works with interferometry, using infrared light and not, as is usual, white light. Advantage: One measuring point with very bright light allows measuring speeds up to five times faster under th…

CHRocodile M4

Contact-free measurement of bottle thickness and roundness with the new CHRocodile M4

The new thickness measurement system CHRocodile M4 from Precitec Optronik now provides a particularly economical solution for inline inspections during the production of bottles and container glass.

The system from the successful CHRocodile range of sensors directly records the thickness and roundness of the glass body without contact and with high precision during the ongoing production process. This means that it is not necessary to take and measure samples during the production process, so as to readjust the system if necessary following the production of a l…

CHRocodile X

Pushed by Xenon

If your target is topographic evaluation of large areas: try the high speed sensor CHRocodile X. This task is perfectly fulfilled up to 14 times faster compared to the former model CHR 150 E. With its Xenon technology the CHRocodile X achieves a significantly higher light emission than with the previously used Halogen bulbs in the CHR 150 E. This leads to the maximum scanning rate of 14 kHz on almost all surfaces.

4000 measurements per second

The new generation of optical sensors from Precitec Optronik “CHRocodile” sets new standards in optical distance and thickness measurements. With it?s fast 4 kHz technology the CHRocodile provides advantages particularly in topographic evaluations on high reflecting surfaces: The duration of measurement is reduced by factor 4. The CHRocodile E is an advancement of the reliable sensor CHR 150 E. The method of mea…

CHRocodile IT 18 – 3000

Application: thickness measurement of wafer, PET-bottles and plastic foils

The new optical sensor for thickness measurement from Precitec Optronik is the CHRocodile IT 18 – 3000.

The CHRocodile IT 18 – 3000 covers the largest measuring range in the IT series of proven and highly precise CHRocodile sensors. The measuring range in air extends between 18 – 3000 µm. This corresponds to a measuring range of 5 – 800 µm in silicon (refractive index n ≈ 3.6). For film or plastic (n ≈ 1.5) the measuring range is between 12 and 2000 µm.

With the new CHRocodile IT 18 – 3000 the user can measure inline the thickness of the following materials:

Rough-cut or textured wafers Opaque and scattering materials, for example PP- and PET-bottles Multilayer systems, for example foils and bonded wafers
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