Federal India Trading Company

Federal India Trading Company – FITCO was established in 1944 by late Shri Kalyanbhai B.Javeri, as suppliers of Testing Equipments for Textile Industry. Over the years Fitco has worked as sole agent in India for various reputed manufacturers from USA, UK and Europe. Fitco offers testing equipments for plastic, textile, rubber…

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Kopp is convinced of the quality of products offered. Therefore Kopp granted over the standard warranty beyond a warranty of 20 years on the components of switching programs.

Laboratory Sealer SGPE 3000

Kopp Laboratory sealer SGPE 3000 Laboratory sealing equipment to make sealing welds using a thermal contact heat sealing technique with exactly defined parameters(sealing time, upper sealing temperature, lower sealing temperature and sealing force). Suitable for all heat sealable films such as Polypropylene, etc. or heat seal compatible compound materials such as coated aluminum films,…

Labormaster 3000

The KOPP-LABORMASTER 3000 with integrated Laboratory-Sealer SGPE 3000 is made for measurement of sealing strength (strength of hot sealing and cold sealing / hot-tack and cold-tack). Exact sealing results, test of sealing strength, visualization, documentation and data logging are possible by using the KOPP-Labormaster 3000.

Exact sealing results

Best reproducibility of sealing parameters: Upper sealing tem…

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