EC900 Process Oxygen Analyser

Process oxygen analyzer EC900 Series. Levels as low as 20 ppm can be reached from ambient air within 2 minutes!

Applications: Gas Analysis and Testing

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This electrochemical oxygen analyzer is designed to accurately measure oxygen levels within most industrial gases and atmospheres.

Utilising a variety of specially engineered electrochemical fuel cells, the EC900 Oxygen Analyzers are highly advanced instruments incorporating user-friendly software and the highest quality sensors to provide accurate, reliable results under the most demanding on-line operating environmental conditions.

Systech Illinois’ sensors are used in applications from ppb up to 100% oxygen and can be used on gas streams such as hydrogen, combustibles, hydrocarbons and inert gases. These sensors are easily calibrated to ambient air and traceable calibration gases can be used to meet the most demanding quality assurance programs.

Systech Illinois offer the following sensors:

The trace (part per million) sensor is designed for measuring 0.1ppm – 1% oxygen in most industrial gas streams. Can be calibrated to air. When used in a normal operating range this sensor will typically last for 3-5 years.
The RACE™ sensor is a breakthrough in electrochemical technology. Our patented design prevents the sensor from being saturated by high levels of oxygen. Turbopurge™ levels as low as 20 ppm can be reached from ambient air within 2 minutes. This sensor is unaffected by hydrocarbons or volatile atmospheres making it ideal for applications such as wave solder and reflow ovens. The RACE™ sensor carries a 3 year limited warranty, it is maintenance-free, requires only occasional calibration and has no caustic electrolyte to monitor or replace.
The percent sensor is capable of accurate measurements from 0-100% oxygen. Unlike most electrochemical sensors, this sensor is not affected by carbon dioxide.
Systech Illinois’ oxygen analyzer instruments are available in three different configurations:

Panel mounted or bench-top oxygen analyzers
NEMA 4X / IP66 waterproof and weatherproof
19 in. rack mount

Can be applied in:

  • Semiconductor manufacturing processes (lithography, wet deposition, atomic layer deposition, chemical vapor deposition, polyimide curing, rapid thermal processing, wafer etching, ion implantation)
  • Electronics and circuit board manufacturing in general
  • Solder powder production
  • Soldering of electronic components (solder reflow ovens, wave solder machines)
  • Inert processing ovens, furnaces and heat treating systems of all kinds
  • Optical glass fiber manufacturing
  • Manufacturing of infrared light sources and lamps
  • Ambient air monitoring / confined space entry
  • Welding (of exotic metals such as Inconel, titanium)
  • Metallurgy (heat treating processes such as brazing, annealing, nitriding, sintering, minting, carburizing, etc.)
  • UV/IR/electron beam curing (of inks, adhesives, polyimide, coatings on circuit boards, contact lenses and photovoltaic solar cells)
  • UV sterilization (production and packaging of medical devices)
  • 3D metal printing (additive manufacturing – laser deposition)
  • Laboratory testing (glovebox, drybox, fume hood, catalyst research, controlled atmospheres in general)
  • Industrial gases (as a purity check)
  • Firing of technical ceramics
  • Battery manufacturing
  • Graphite production
  • Vessel blanketing
  • Steel production
  • Rubber polymerization

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Industrial Gas, Glove Boxes, Oxygen-controlled atmospheres of all kinds

Measuring cell type



0.1 ppm to 1% / RACE

Measurement range

Trace 0.1ppm – 1%. RACE™ 0.1ppm – 30%. Percent 0.3% – 100%

Response Time


Unsuitable gases

Acid gases, corrosives and solvents in significant concentration

  • Long life, maintenance-free disposable oxygen sensor
  • Microprocessor controlled functions
  • Fast response. Ultra fast response version
  • Sturdy, reliable construction with three sensor options
  • Insensitive to sample flow rate – percentage through ppm
  • Ambient air or traceable gas calibration
  • Large, autoranging LED display
  • Unaffected by vibration or position
  • Specific to oxygen measurement
  • The EC900 has a one-year warranty which covers any faulty workmanship and normal component failure relating to electronic circuit cards