Laboratory Sealer SGPE 3000




Laboratory sealing equipment to make sealing welds using a thermal contact heat sealing technique with exactly defined parameters(sealing time, upper sealing temperature, lower sealing temperature and sealing force). Suitable for all heat sealable films such as Polypropylene, etc. or heat seal compatible compound materials such as coated aluminum films, coated paper, etc. The Laboratory sealer SGPE can be used in all application fields where no hot-tack shall be measured.If you want to measure the tearing force, you will be interested in our Labormaster 3000.Sealing with highest precision.
  • Kopp Laboratory sealer SGPE 3000
  • plain sealing surface
  • longitudinally grooved sealing surface
  • cross grooved sealing surface
  • goffered sealing surface
  • The highest priority for high accuracy and maximum reproducibility of all parameters: upper sealing temperature, lower sealing temperature, sealing time and sealing force.
  • All sealing parameters are calibrated.
  • The sealing bars are manufactured with high precision.
Complete monitoring of testing equipment and traceability

  • The sealing parameters, upper sealing temperature, lower sealing temperature and sealing force can be checked during a factory calibration with DKD-calibrated measurement equipment (DKD = Deutscher Kalibrierdienst = German Calibration Service).
User friendly

  • Set and actual values of all parameters are displayed digitally. In this way you maintain an overview and do not lose sight of any parameters.
  • Sealing temperature and sealing time are preselected by touch buttons.
  • The setting of the sealing force takes place via the ergonomically shaped handle on the press stand.
  • The setting values are indicated digitally.
Applicable in many fields

  • The wide range of adjustment of the sealing parameters enables practical re-adjustment for different production conditions.
  • Many sealing bar versions are available. We will manufacture sealing bars to your requirements on request.
  • You decide when the sealing time begins: When touching the sealing bars or by reaching the pre-set force.
Sturdy construction

  • Metal housings in new design and high quality components ensure not only high precision but also long service life.


  • An existing SGPE 3000 laboratory sealing equipment can be integrated into a Labormaster 3000 in our factory.

Technical data, Laboratory Sealer SGPE 3000

Sealing temperature … 300 ° C each sealing bar regulated separately
Sealing time 0,2 … 99,99 s digitally adjustable
Sealing force 60 … 1800 N adjustable, digital display
Sealing pressure Defined from sealing force and sealing contact surface (N/Cm²)

Your benefit:

  • Calibrated sealing parameters according to DIN ISO.
  • Wide range of adjustments
  • Perfect control