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Federal India Trading Company – FITCO, was established in 1944 by late Mr. Kalyanbhai B.Javeri, as suppliers of Testing Instruments for Textile Industry. Over the years Federal India Trading Company has worked as sole agent in India for various reputed manufacturers from USA, UK and Europe.

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Oxygen permeation analyzer 8501

The 8501 offers a cost-effective solution for accurate, reliable measurement of oxygen transmission rate (OTR) through permeable films.

Laboratory quality analysis of packaging film barriers in a simple to use benchtop system. This precision oxygen permeation analyzer combines trace oxygen sensitivity, dependability and exceptional ease of use in a compact, single chamber.

The proprietary sensor design allows for extremely fast, accurate results. The 8501 is ideal for high volume production facilities with a purge time of only 30 minutes and test times as short as 20 minutes. With a 2 button operation it is simple to operate and requires little or no operator training. This oxgyen permeability instrument is easily calibrated to a certified NAMAS / NIST traceable calibration gas, making the test results traceable to current NAMAS/NIST standards.


Industry: Packaging
Gas: Oxygen
Application: Permeation
Measurement range: Films 1 – 99,999 cc/m2/day
Test temperature range: 15 to 40°C (59 to 104°F)
Controlled RH testing: Dry only
Calibration: NIST referenced films and certified gases
Temperature control: Automatic
Dimensions: 356 x 356 x 279 mm
Weight: 18.2 kg

Features and Benefits

  • Digital electronics
  • OTR displayed as cc/m2/day or cc/100in2/day
  • Automated test routine
  • Scaleable analog outputs
  • RS232 output
  • Data logging capabilities
  • Low cost system
  • Accuracy traceable to current NAMAS/N.I.S.T standards
  • Sensor life indicator


  • Produce manufacturers
  • Packaging manufacturers
  • Process companies
  • Food companies
  • Converters
  • Distributors
  • R&D


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