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Federal India Trading Company – FITCO, was established in 1944 by late Mr. Kalyanbhai B.Javeri, as suppliers of Testing Instruments for Textile Industry. Over the years Federal India Trading Company has worked as sole agent in India for various reputed manufacturers from USA, UK and Europe.

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Labormaster 3000

The KOPP-LABORMASTER 3000 with integrated Laboratory-Sealer SGPE 3000 is made for measurement of sealing strength (strength of hot sealing and cold sealing / hot-tack and cold-tack). Exact sealing results, test of sealing strength, visualization, documentation and data logging are possible by using the KOPP-Labormaster 3000.

Exact sealing results

  • Best reproducibility of sealing parameters:
    Upper sealing temperature, lower sealing temperature, sealing time, withdrawal time, sealing force and withdrawal rate.
  • Sealing procedures according to DIN 55529 and ASTM F88-05, ASTM F2029-00 Hot Tack determination in accordance with ASTM F1921-98

Test of sealing strength

  • The unit operates in accordance with a test arrangement developed by EMPA – St. Gallen.
  • Immediate measurement of sealing strength in Newton.

Visualization with curves

  • Visualization and record of force/time diagram via colored TFT-screen.
  • Several curves can be shown and evaluated at the same time.
  • Curves already recorded can be compared with the actual results.
  • Furthermore, the measured peak value of the tearing force profile, the moment of the peak, the duration of the tearing process and the mean tearing force are displayed.
  • Not only the measurement results but also the sealing and test parameters are recorded.


  • At the push of a button curves, sealing parameters, test descriptions and results are recorded.

Data logging with possibility of recording

  • It is very simple to record the complete measuring data with sealing parameters, test description and results in CSV format.
  • Data recorded in CSV format can be transferred for further processing in other analysis programs.

Despite all the possibilities offered by the Labormaster 3000, operation is very easy and safe. You get reliable and comparable results. Thanks to the USB interface the results can be recorded. All sealing parameters and sealing force are checked during calibration with calibrated testing equipments (DKD/SCS). Constant control is guaranteed.

Fields of application

Research and development

The units assist you in development of new packaging, coatings, colors, covering coats and packaging shapes. It is a simple and fast way to test the heat sealability of flexible packaging, covering coats and new film or compounds.

Quality control and assurance

To test the sealing characteristics, the sealing strength and determine the parameters to obtain best possible results in production.

Suitable for heat sealable flexible packaging materials such as films, compounds, laminates, packaging papers and so on and for control of covering coats, coverings, print colors, and others.


The test is started at a push of the button after insertion of the testing material. The test material is sealed under observance of the adjusted parameters and the sealing weld will be separated after expiration of the preset time (cold tack) or immediately after sealing procedure (hot tack). The Kopp-Labormaster 3000 measures the forces necessary to separate the sealing weld and records the results. The test results are visualized in a force/time diagram on the TFT-screen and can be evaluated in an instant. All measuring data (preset parameters, test description and results) can be recorded in CSV format and be transferred for further processing in other programs.

Technical Data Labormaster 3000

Your benefit:

  • Perfect combination of Laboratory Sealer and Hot-Tack-Tester.
  • You achieve simply and rapidly convertible, comparable values.
  • You can carry out real Hottack(sealing strength of the weld that is still hot).
  • You provide meaningful records in a very simple manner.
  • You present impressively the specific sealing strength profile.
  • Calibrated sealing parameters according DIN ISO.
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KOPP Labormaster3000
Kopp Labormaster 3000 Hot-Tack and Cold-Tack
Sealstrengthtest force/time-graph, screenshot Labormaster 3000
Sealstrengthtest force/time-graph, screenshot Labormaster 3000
Seal strength test force/time-graph, screenshot Labormaster 3000
Seal strength test force/time-graph, screenshot Labormaster 3000
Print of results seal strength test (Hot-Tack/Cold-Tack), Labormaster 3000
Print of results seal strength test (Hot-Tack/Cold-Tack), Labormaster 3000
Scheme Hot-Tack measuring according EMPA St. Gallen
Scheme Hot-Tack measuring according EMPA St. Gallen
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